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Misty's day at the beach, 9/11/11

Misty’s day at the beach, 9/11/11

so why do I keep coming back to this site ? I mean it can be so heart wrenching, depressing and sad. Today marks the second anniversary of our Misty girl gaining her wings. I knew when I woke up this morning that this site was the first place that I wanted to go to remember her. Tripawds is where Misty was known. It is where others knew what my heart was going through. It was where other new members were coming to begin their journeys, it was where others were losing their most precious love like we had. I don’t know why this second year is so much harder than the first year. It might be because I am coming out of the shock of losing her or realizing that the first year was so agonizing that I had to put my pain somewhere else. I know that never in my life have I loved something so much.

We lost Misty in October 2011 and by the end of November Misty’s breeder had contacted me and said she would like to offer us a gift of another puppy. I really had mixed feelings but knew I needed another precious white girl. Puppies were due on Christmas Day and our family felt a little bit of hope. Christmas morning the breeder contacted me and told me that the mama dog had four pups. 3 were boys and one girl, but the girl was already promised for another family. She said her other mama was due in a week and we should have some good news. The litter was born, all boys. I was heart broken again.

Two weeks later she contacted me and said the original family for the female were not ready for the puppy and would I like her? I didn’t think twice. It turns out that this little girl, Ellie is Misty’s niece and cousin??? On February 18 I drove 10 hours from sacramento to San Diego to pick her up. She was fat and cuddly and had a tail that went a mile a minute. She never whined or cried the whole ride home and has literally cuddled with me every day and night since then. She definitely is herself but also has some characteristics of Misty that are spot on.


I am grateful for Misty opening my heart to such love and also grateful for such an enormous heartache. That heartache proves to me that she gave me unconditional love and I gave it back to her. She is forever etched in my heart my Beautiful Misty Girl








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