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So today Misty got a delivery. Her new Ruff Wear Harness came. We are getting ready to be a tripawd next week so I want her to become familiar with her new gear. Right….she took one look at it and barked! She does wear a sparkly pink harness for walking so I was surprised she didn’t like her new tripawd harness. Maybe its because it’s not girlie enough for her so I think I will bedazzle it a little. After all it needs to match her princess collar!

Princess Misty

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About mistysmom

Misty is a 2 year old white Labrador diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on May 5, 2011 over the rainbow bridge on Oct.24,2011 Limb sparing surgery on May 16 followed by 16 radiation treatments Chemo treatment to include 6 txs of carboplatin After 4th treatment a bump grew at the surgery site. Misty is scheduled for amputation on Sept. 21. Surgery and further treatments cancelled due to lung mets. Love her till the very end.
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  1. tombi says:

    what type of cancer does Misty have? Which leg is she losing? Luckily most dogs that loose a leg don’t miss a beat. the first 2 weeks are tough, lots of long nights, but it goes quickly in a sleep deprived haze and then normal life slowly creeps back in and before you know it you’ve got a tripawd running down the beach. Best of luck with the surgery, sounds like Misty has a great mom to watch over her while she recovers.

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