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So today Misty got a delivery. Her new Ruff Wear Harness came. We are getting ready to be a tripawd next week so I want her to become familiar with her new gear. Right….she took one look at it and barked! She does wear a sparkly pink harness for walking so I was surprised she didn’t like her new tripawd harness. Maybe its because it’s not girlie enough for her so I think I will bedazzle it a little. After all it needs to match her princess collar!

Princess Misty

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Preparing to be a Tripaw!

Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

Misty Journal


So this is what I’ve been going through with our Misty.
5/16 I just left our precious Misty in the capable hands of the UC Davis Vet Hospital surgeons. Please pray that all will go well and there will be favorable results.
Surgery update on Misty: Dr. Culp said the CT showed that they can go ahead with the limb sparing surgery which should start soon and then she will most likely have radiation and chemo to kill the remaining nasty cells. We may get to have her longer than we expected!!! Thank you GOD!
Misty surgery update late afternoon: She is coming out of surgery. They did save her leg and removed all of the cancer they can see. Dr. Culp feels very optimistic about her prognosis. Thank you for all your prayers. She’s not out of the woods yet. Keep praying. She is such an angel, but I want to keep her on earth for a while longer♥
5/17 Picking up our Misty girl today. We can’t wait to have her home. Also, Bill Iwan is the most amazing husband, father and doggie dad in the world. When faced with the questions of how to treat Misty he never hesitated and said do whatever it takes to save his girl. We are all very lucky to have him!♥
The technicians, vets and surgeons at UC Davis are absolutely wonderful. The surgeon alone called me 3 times during her surgery just to keep me posted. I got my last update on her around 8:30 pm which was 14 hours after I had first spoken to her at the hospital. Such dedication! So far we know that the tumor had spread to soft tissue which they were able to remove along with a good portion of the ulna. Because of the soft tissue disease, they wanted to be sure that we would go ahead with radiation treatment to kill any microscopic cells left behind. We easily agreed to that. I’m not sure if radiation and chemo are done at the same time, but I know we will start treatments in 2 weeks. 30 minute countdown until we leave to pick her up…we can’t wait.


5/18 Misty woke up this morning with her usual butt/tail wagging. She quickly realized she had a hurt leg but was happy to see me and the other dogs. She ate her breakfast laying down and went outside to potty. She’s not really trusting us yet, but I know she hurts and doesn’t know why. Calling oncology today to set up appts.

Misty's favorite way to stretch

5/23 Misty was so upset today that she couldn’t go on a walk with her sister’s Millie and Lola. She doesn’t understand that she needs to heal…but it’s good to see her energy♥


FAST  FORWARD…Misty completed her 4 weeks of radiation and 4 of her chemo treatments. On Aug. 19, I noticed that she had a slight limp. It was chemo day and drs. Could not detect anything wrong with her leg. Xrays of her chest were clear. By Sept.2 I couldn’t wait any longer and requested an xray of her leg. The xray showed everything on her leg looked clear but we did notice a slight lump at the surgery site. Dr. Lejune did a needle aspiration and later that day the lab results showed that the cancer had regrown. Now we face an amputation. We are preparing for what is to be and know this will make the rest of her life pain free. As for us humans we will always have the pain in our hearts of what our Misty girl has had to go through.


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